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Mittwoch, 21.07.2010 Training

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3 Runden auf Zeit
eine Runde sind:

400 m laufen
21 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
12 Pullups

Dienstag, 20.07.2010 Training

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Auf Zeit:

100 Knee to Elbow

für jede Unterbrechung 10 Ball Slams

Montag, 19.07.2010 Trainingsfrei

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Trainingsvorbereitung vom 18.07.2010

Sonntag, 18.07.2010 Training

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Hier mal was ganz anderes, ein Training von der Homepage

Das ganze Training simuliert einen Feuerwehreinsatz, in rot ist die Einweisung in die Lage, in weiß dann das Training!



During a large Four Alarm Fire in an old area downtown, multiple engine, ladder, and rescue trucks have deployed firefighters to battle the blaze and rescue any trapped civilians.

Just seconds ago a MayDay call came in from within the condominium complex. The MayDay call is a radio signal of a lost/down/disabled firefighter. The call triggers immediate and focused rescue effort by the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT).

You have been tasked as a member of the Rapid Intervention Team – a group of 4-6 firefighters standing by at all working incidents to perform rescue of fellow firefighters with minimal loss of time.

The call reported that two firefighters had been trapped on the 16th floor of the condominium due to a structural collapse of a ceiling that was made up primarily of heavy wooden beams. Both of them are pinned under a beam and have sustained injuries. Both are alive and able to communicate.

The area of the collapse was used as a storage area of furniture, so there are expected to be heavy objects that will need to be cleared out of the way.


Deploy RIT to Locate – Extricate – and Evacuate down firefighters.

Phase I – Locate

RIT will enter at street level and take the eastern stairwell to the 8th floor. They will then have to cross over to the other side of the building (due to damage of the eastern stairwell) and resume their ascent via the western stairwell. Once on the 16th floor, the team will proceed almost the total length of the building east to the area where the firefighters are trapped.

The extensive damage to the building will make navigating the stairwells and the floors difficult.

Phase II – Extricate

Heavy furniture and beams will need to be moved to access and then free the down firefighters. Minimal first aid can be given prior to moving, but it must be done quickly to minimize the possibility of another incident.

Phase III – Evacuate

RIT will carry down firefighters out of the building via the same route used to come in. RIT members will have to share the burden of carrying both members.

Time Line:

Conditions in the condominium are worsening due to continued fire damage. Smoke levels are rising, making it increasingly difficult to navigate.

RIT Rescue should be done as quickly as possible, to avoid any further incidents. It is not known exactly how long the building will be stable, but it is obvious that every second counts.


Phase I – Locate

Run 400 Meters

5 Rounds of:

o 10 Lunges (each leg)
o 10 Squats
o 10 Burpees

Run 400 Meters

5 Rounds of:

o 10 Jumping Lunges (each leg)
o 10 Tuck Jumps
o 10 Burpees

Run 400 Meters

Phase II – Extricate

4 Rounds of:

o 10 Deadlift (95lbs – light / 135lbs – medium / 225lbs – heavy)
o 10 Knees to Elbows

4 Rounds of:

o 10 Overhead Squat (PVC – light / 45lbs – medium / 95lbs – heavy)
o 10 Kettlebell Swings (35lbs – light / 53lbs – heavy)

30 Clean and Jerks (65lbs – light / 95lbs – medium / 135lbs – heavy)

Phase III – Evacuate

For a two person team:

10 rounds of:

o Fireman’s carry your partner 100 meters
o 25 body weight squats (both members)

Once each member of the team has done this – it will count as 1 round

For an individual:

4 Rounds of:

* 400 Meter 50lbs Sand Carry
* 50 Squats with Sand Bag

Special Notes

A special “Thank You” goes out to Mike Romo of the Albuquerque Fire Department for sending in the “spark” that lit this FMP.

Mission is Fictitious.

- Warning -

This free workout is for elite athletes.

Samstag, 17.07.2010 Training

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Auf Zeit

21-15-9 WH


Freitag, 16.07.2010 Training

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Auf Zeit:

150 Wall balls shots

Donnerstag, 15.07.2010 Trainingsfrei

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Mittwoch, 14.07.2010 Training

am 14. Juli 2010 unter Allgemein abgelegt

AMRAP20 – So viele Runden in 20 Minuten wie möglich

1 Runde sind:
5 Snatches
10 Overheadsquat
15 Frontsquat

Dienstag, 13.07.2010 Training

am 13. Juli 2010 unter Allgemein abgelegt

“Tabata Something Else”

20 sek. Training gefolgt von 10 sek. Pause, das ganze 8 mal pro Übung. Zwischen den Übungen ist immer 1min Pause.



gezählt wird immer die Wiederholungszahl der schlechtesten Runde pro Übung

Montag, 12.07.2010 Training

am 12. Juli 2010 unter Allgemein abgelegt

Wiederholung pro Minute, das bedeutet,

1min 1 WH, 2min 2 WH, 3min 3 WH….

Wenn Ihr die WH geschafft habt, ist bis zum Anfang der nächsten Minute Pause.

Schafft ihr die vorgegebenen WH nicht mehr in einer Minute ist das Training beendet.

Die Übung ist Box Jumps (mindesthöhe 50cm)!